Tax Collector's Office
115 Justice Drive, Suite 5
Winton, NC 27986


8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

The Hertford County Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for collecting all current and delinquent taxes on real and personal properties, any other fees or assessments as charged by the governing body and collection of motor vehicle taxes within Hertford County. The Tax Collector’s Office also collects property taxes levied by the towns of Ahoskie, Cofield, Como, Harrellsville, Murfreesboro and Winton, fire districts and special districts. In accordance with North Carolina General Statutes the Tax Collector is given authority to use all remedies to collect delinquent taxes including garnishment of wages, bank accounts, rents, and foreclosure.

Property taxes are due and payable September 1, 2016 and delinquent if not paid by January 5th, 2017.

Pay by phone toll free at: 1-888-520-8728

After-hours payment drop box for tax payments is located outside Government Center parking lot, 115 Justice Drive, Winton NC. MAKE CHECK PAYABLE AND REMIT TO:

Hertford County Tax Collector, 115 Justice Drive, Suite 5
Winton, NC 27986
FAX: 252-358-0198